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flexdropdown – license

Last updated: July 7th, 2015

Unless indicated otherwise by the credit, all scripts on this site are original scripts written by the authors of Dynamic Drive, and are protected by both US and international copyright laws. The below lists the terms of use users of Dynamic Drive must agree to before using the programs/scripts:

    Users may use any DHTML scripts offered for download on Dynamic Drive, free of charge, on both personal and commercial web sites. This includes web designers who wish to use our DHTML scripts in their paid web site projects.
    You may modify our scripts to customize them based on your needs.
    Users may NOT, however, redistribute or repost/ resell for download any DHTML script found on Dynamic Drive. Redistribution is defined as re-offering our scripts for download in any fashion, whether on a competing web site, an application that generates code snippets, or a CD-ROM collection of CSS/JavaScript codes etc. Some examples of what is acceptable and what is not are:
        -Use our DHTML scripts on any personal or commercial web site to aid in its functionality/ usability.
        -As a web designer, use our DHTML scripts in your paid projects for your client web sites.
        -As a software developer, use our DHTML scripts within a application/ program as part of its interface, such as a CSS menu being used as the program's navigation interface. The program itself can be distributable.

        In all cases above, the credit notice within the script must remain intact and unaltered.
        Not Acceptable:
        -Put our DHTML scripts on another script library or webmaster type site for others to download.
        -Use our DHTML scripts in any type of service or application whereby our codes are part of the product offerings themselves.
        -Put our DHTML scripts in any other types of medium for direct redistribution, such as a CD-ROM that consists of, but not limited to, webmaster codes and web graphics.
    Users are NOT required to retain the credit notice inside each script for legal use of said script (new addendum July 2nd 2015), though we would appreciate if the notice remained intact.  The credit notice of each script appears between the